Relationship Health at Home

Relationship Health at Home.... we feel it when it's there or when its not there.

However we don't talk about it very much...

In fact in December 2020 when I decided to do a quick search for books called Relationship Health I was astonished to find not one book with that title.. Not one.

There were lots of book about healthy relationships - but those were mostly about dating.

There weren't any about parenting or about adult-child relationships and none about adult-adult relationships.

In that moment I realised again why my work as a clinical psychologist has so often felt like trying to climb to the top of a beautiful mountain but with an impossibly thick forest and no clear path.

It is difficult to climb a mountain.  However even more difficult when there is no path.   

So how about this... what if I suggested to you that the most important thing you could do for the mental health and wellbeing of yourself and of your children was to take good care of relationship health - in all it's forms.

Could it be that simple?  Yes

And that challenging?   Yes

And the most important place to start is at home and with You.

Your Role and Your Understanding
and Skills are Key for Your
Child's Healthy Development.


The Five Steps To Success with Anxious or Challenging Children!  

Dr. Cathy Betoin - Relationship Health Matters

Dr Cathy Betoin
Clinical Psychologist, Teacher, Parent

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