Better Care Planning:
Why a Relationship Health Focus is Needed

Imagine being confident that your child's care plan was focussing on the right details

... imagine a plan that got everyone working together on some shared priorities ...

Imagine your child progressing confidently in relationships with you and with others 

That is what good relationship health care provides.

Care Plans can have various different types of names.  For example, there are

+ Post Natal Care Plans
+ Education Health Care Plans
+ Post Adoption Care Plans
+ Looked After Child Care Plans
+ Disability Care Plans

However most of these plans focus on the child's individual development.  What is often missed is an explicit focus on the healthy development of the key relationships and the skills on which strong healthy relationships depend.

These relationship skills don't just happen.   They emerge with practice and support and we can be intentional or neglectful about supporting them.

One of the most important relationships that we need to pay attention to is the health of the adult-child relationship.   It doesn't have to be perfect - in fact some level of conflict is important and necessary to good health - but for a child's wellbeing it is important for it to be 'safe enough' and 'good enough'.

Relationship Health Care Planning can help you and a team take important steps to improve relationship health and wellbeing for the whole family.   It is a focus on an approach that strengthens well-being 

Hi, I'm Cathy Betoin, author of this site and of the I Matter Relationship Health Approach 

In my 30+ years of clinical practice with children and families it became very very clear how critical relationship health was to current and longer term outcomes - and also how often it was being overlooked.

One key issue I have observed is just how difficult it is to obtain funding to support relationship health..

This is very difficult to understand but what is happening right now is that everyone wants to argue that relationship health is not their responsibility.  Special Educational Needs services can argue that they are there for the child.   Child Mental Health services can argue that they are there for the child...

So an Education Health Care Plan for example typically has nothing in it that is focussed on the adult-child home relationships.    Instead we have staff funded to work with children in the classroom.

Adoption Support Packages typically like to suggest that they are there to support therapy for children.  Slowly they are realising that it may be important to fund support for Therapeutic Parenting.   However support for home-school joined up thinking is generally considered 'out of scope'.

Relationship health is so important that we need to ensure that everyone can get the support and advice that they need to get things onto a good footing with careful informed care planning.

Better Quality Education Health Care Plans is a short report that will start you thinking about Relationship health issues

Is Better Quality Education Health Care Planning for you?

Yes if you have a child who struggles at home and at school.
If your child needs adults to work together.
If your child needs extra support in place.
If your child is cared for by varied people
If your child is eligible for additional funded support
If you are worried resources are not being used wisely.
If you want to encourage others to think about relationship needs not just cognitive needs.
If you are reviewing needs at present

We generally put together care plans with a focus on experiences and cogntivie development.  However when we start to see academic and social progress as closely linked with relationship health then the way forward opens to some new and helpful insights.

PDF document - instantly read on any device


Short report


Better Quality Education Health Care Planning:
An I Matter relationship health approach 
is a short downloadable pdf guide designed to get you started on the important task of thinking about relationship health as a focus of care planning. 

Your Role and Your Understanding
and Skills are Key for Your
Child's Healthy Development.


The Five Steps To Success with Anxious or Challenging Children!  

Dr. Cathy Betoin - Relationship Health Matters

Dr Cathy Betoin
Clinical Psychologist, Teacher, Parent

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