Relationship Health for Professionals and Parents

Relationship Health for Professionals and Parents:  The Missing Link in Children's Wellbeing? is for professionals who work with children and families, who are often also parents, who suspect that we have been missing something important in our schools and community practices with regard to children, families and mental health.   Why have all our efforts not been producing the outcomes we say we want?   What does the evidence tell us about what has been overlooked?

The Relationship Health Practice aims to promote the concept of Relationship Health and is currently supporting us with the development of the I Matter Challenge Relationship Health Awards Scheme.  We want to see Relationship Health being spoken about as naturally as Physical Health or Mental Health and accepted as equally if not even more important since it underpins so may important priorities for children.

Your Role and Your Understanding
and Skills are Key for Your
Child's Healthy Development.


The Five Steps To Success with Anxious or Challenging Children!  

Dr. Cathy Betoin - Relationship Health Matters

Dr Cathy Betoin
Clinical Psychologist, Teacher, Parent

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