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Welcome!   If you are looking for ideas about how improve relationships right now - you are in the right place.   You may be feeling worried or concerned, but take a deep breath for a moment because there is some good news!   In fact this is such an interesting, hopeful, time to be a parent or a carer or a partner or friend, or a professional working with children or adults! 

                            My name is Dr Cathy Betoin,
           I am a clinical psychologist, a teacher and a parent.

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This is the first book in a trilogy - more coming soon.  
The key encouragement is to invest in your own learning.

It's super practical and interesting.
And you CAN make a difference!

Since COVID times, we are all thinking more about our relationships with others as they are under a lot of pressure.  However, for children's well-being, this is a shift of awareness that was urgently needed for both professionals and for parents. 

The reason this shift was needed is that in the last few years, decades of apparently contradictory research about child and adult mental health and well-being has finally been converging on some important new conclusions.  Most importantly, the results of this new thinking are challenging the way that we need to think about how to move  forward with children and adults who are anxious or challenging, and about how to support the most vulnerable.   

The Relationship Health Matters site, and its sister site I Matter Training, aims to introduce you to the key pillars of this important evidence and new thinking.  It also aims to get you thinking about the implications for YOUR role in children's mental health, and educational progress, and for home-school thinking.  The intention is to help you to find your way forward with helping the children that you care for and worry about.

My name is Dr Cathy Betoin and this site will share key learning from my own 50 year journey as a clinical psychologist, teacher. parent and daughter. It will help guide you through key insights and work of researchers, practitioners, parents-carers and experts by experience who are learning together about how to best help struggling children and communities. 

One important message:
Be reassured:  You definitely can make a difference!
So your commitment to a learning journey really matters!

The Mission of the Relationship Health Matters Site
is to encourage professionals and parents to do some fresh thinking about what needs to change in their own home or work setting to support improved mental health of children and adults. We are here to support learning journeys. 

The Relationship Health Matters Newsletter
is for parents and professionals who want to do what they can to support better relationship health in their own home and communities including support for all the key skills that are involved for young people and adults.

The I Matter Challenge
is for parents and professionals who are ready to commit to a learning journey so that they can be as well equipped as possible for fulfilling their own important role in making a difference to one or more children.

Your Role and Your Understanding
and Skills are Key for Your
Child's Healthy Development.


The Five Steps To Success with Anxious or Challenging Children!  

Dr. Cathy Betoin - Relationship Health Matters

Dr Cathy Betoin
Clinical Psychologist, Teacher, Parent

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